Since the inception of Security Cameras many technological achievements have evolved like going from analog to digital surveillance.
In the past Security Cameras Systems were prohibitively expensive but now with the advances of Security Cameras it is more effective and affordable. At Neff’s Integrated Security we have over 33 years of experience in the Security Cameras Business.Security-Camera-150x150
Our showroom has working Security Camera Systems where we invite customers to come and demo our Security Cameras products that we have on display.
You will be pleasantly surprise of the features and value that Security Cameras has to offer in security surveillance. Stop by today we have solutions for all type of budgets including lease to buy options.

►Bullet ● Dome ● PTZ Security Cameras
► Network Video Recorders
► Digital Video Recorders
► View Video Remotely via Smart Devices
People Counting Cameras
Mail Box Cameras
►Network Video Management Software
► Browser Based Viewing Platforms
► 3 Year Warranty
► Solutions that eliminate the need for monthly security monitoring expense.

Visit our showroom at Lancaster to demo various camera systems we have on display

Example of Digital Vs. Analog Security Cameras