Does Your KeyWARNING

If you’ve missed the recent news reports on lock bumping, simply Google “Bump Key” and you will find over 2 Million Results.  If your key looks like the picture below then you like others who are at  great risk due to the vulnerabilities in the mechanical design making you lock insecure do to a technique called lock bumping

Lock bumping is a technique thieves are using to open pin tumbler locks covertly. The majority of all residential & commercial locks.

Lock Bumping is not a new technique, it has been used by locksmiths for decades as a method to open locks. Unfortunately, due to the Internet, this information has gotten into the hands of crooks. You can better protect yourself by changing your locks to a high security lock. This the best way to Increase your security. These locks give you a lot more protection against bumping & other methods of attack. Get a risk assessment from a Certified Locksmith to determine how much protection you need.